Bessel van der Kolk, MD

renowned clinician, researcher and teacher in the area of posttraumatic stress. 

Pat Ogden, PhD

Pat Ogden, PhD, is a pioneer in somatic psychology, the creator of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy method, and founder of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute.  Dr. Ogden is trained in a wide variety of somatic and psychotherapeutic approaches, and has over 45 years of experience working with individuals and groups.  She is co-founder of the Hakomi Institute, past faculty of Naropa University (1985-2005), a clinician, consultant, and sought after international lecturer. Dr. Ogden is the first author of two groundbreaking books in somatic psychology: Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Interventions for Trauma and Attachment (2015) both published in the Interpersonal Neurobiology Series of W. W. Norton. Her third book in this series, The Pocket Guide to Sensorimotor Psychotherapy: Essays and Articles, will be published in 2020, and she is working on Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Children, Adolescents and Families and Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for Groups with Dr. Bonnie Goldstein.  Her current interests include groups, couples, children, adolescents, and families; complex trauma; Embedded Relational Mindfulness; implicit bias, intersectionality and culture; the relational nature of shame; presence, consciousness, and the philosophical/spiritual principles that underlie Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. 

Janina Fisher, PhD

Janina Fisher, PhD is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with 38 years in practice, as well as assistant educational director at SPI and a former instructor at the Trauma Center, an outpatient clinic and research center founded by Bessel van der Kolk.  Known for her expertise on the treatment of trauma and dissociation, she is also an EMDRIA-Approved EMDR Consultant and former Instructor at Harvard Medical School.  Dr. Fisher has been an invited speaker at the Cape Cod Institute, Harvard Medical School Conference Series, Psychotherapy Networker, Annual Conference of the EMDR International Association, and many other conferences.  She is co-author with Pat Ogden of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy:  Interventions for Trauma and Attachment (2015) and the author of Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Self-Alienation (2017).  Dr. Fisher lectures and teaches internationally on the integration of research and treatment and how to introduce newer trauma treatment paradigms into traditional therapeutic approaches. For more information, visit

Raphaël Gazon, MPsych, LCP

Raphaël Gazon, MPsych, LCP, holds master degrees in psychology and cognitive behavioral psychotherapy from Catholic University of Louvain, in Belgium. With more than 15 years of clinical experience in various places including university, day care psychiatry, drug addiction unit, home consultation service and private practice, he provides individual and group therapy for patients with severe personality disorders and complex trauma. He has trained in various treatment modalities in the fields of psychological trauma and personality disorders. Raphaël is the director at the PEPS-E Center, a psychotherapy practice that specializes in the treatment of emotional disorders, psychic traumas and attachment disorders, and he sits on the board of ESTD. He is an experienced, international supervisor and lecturer in the fields of psychological trauma, attachment disorders, and borderline personality disorder.

Tony Buckley

Tony Buckley holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with Honors in Counselling and is a certified Sensorimotor Psychotherapist, an experienced teacher and supervisor. Tony has also earned a Certificate of Education, Diploma in Gestalt Therapy and a Certificate in Advanced Studies Supervision. He is the manager of the Counselling and Trauma Service for Transport for London (London Underground) which offers a time-limited trauma service. He is on the teaching faculty of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute and is the chair of the UK Association of Sensorimotor Psychotherapists. Tony has over 20 years experience in the therapeutic field which includes private practice, managing a university counselling service and 12 years in the field of adolescent counselling

Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, PhD

Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, PhD, RCC, holds a PhD in Child and Youth Care (UVIC). Beginning with a career in forensic psychiatric nursing, she has had 25 years of clinical experience in the areas of post-traumatic stress and developmental issues. In her private clinical practice Rochelle sees both children and adults who have experienced abuse, neglect and other traumatic experiences. She is an EMDRIA-approved consultant in EMDR, facilitates for the DNMS Institute, and has presented at numerous conferences on these issues.

Kekuni Minton, PhD

Kekuni Minton, PhD, is a founding trainer of SPI and co-author of Trauma and the Body: A Sensorimotor Approach to Psychotherapy (2009). Dr. Minton holds a private practice in Colorado since 1988, specializing in trauma and attachment issues with individual and couples. Dr. Minton was the president psychotherapist at the Boulder County AIDS Project (1992- 1995) and past faculty member at Naropa University (1995 – 2006). His doctoral thesis in clinical psychology focused on somatic relational therapy, and he has special interests in meditation and cultural trauma. Dr. Minton is first author on, La Narrazione del Corpo; la Psicoterapia Sensomotoria Integrata Nella Terapia di Coppia (2018), published in Italy. He trains internationally for SPI and is developing a course in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for working with couples.

Maria Puliatti

Maria Puliatti, psychologist, sexologist, and psychotherapist, is an expert in psychotraumatology and emergency psychology, certified sensorimotor therapist, and supervisor in sensorimotor psychotherapy. Together with Michele Giannantonio, she founded Psicosoma, a training company in integrated psychotherapy. Maria is a trainer in workshops and courses in the field of psychotraumatology, and has taught in masters and post-graduate specialization courses in psychotraumatology, emergency psychology, sexology, female sexual disorders, uro-gynecological and obstetric psychosomatics, eating disorders, legal psychology, child psychotherapy.

Kelley L. Callahan, PhD

Kelley L. Callahan, PhD, is a licensed Clinical Psychologist with a background in trauma, including an internship at The National Center for PTSD at Dartmouth Medical School and a post-doctoral fellowship at the Victims of Violence Program at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Callahan has taught for the Somatic Psychology Programs at John F. Kennedy University and the California Institute of Integral Studies on somatic approaches to the treatment of trauma and attachment. She provides consultation and lectures on treating survivors of sexual, physical and emotional abuse, neglect, survivors and perpetrators of domestic violence, and dually diagnosed clients.

Jennifer Gardner, MSW, LICSW, CST

Jennifer Gardner, MSW, LICSW, CST, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 25 years' experience working with children and individuals in diverse settings including settings including healthcare, community mental health, early intervention and private practice. Since 2005, she has held a private practice in Reading, MA, providing psychotherapy to couples and adults using a variety of modalities including Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, EMDR and psychodynamic intervention. She is Certified in Early Intervention in MA, holds an MSW from Salem State University, and a Certificate in Sex Therapy from the University of Michigan and is an AASECT Certified Sex Therapist . Since her Certification as a Sensorimotor Psychotherapist in 2016, she has supported students toward certification in New York, Boston, and Dublin. Her interests include attachment, sex therapy, and relationships including couples and caregivers. Jennifer trains and provides consultation internationally for SPI and is co-developing a course in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy for working with couples.

Bonnie Goldstein, PhD, LCSW 

Dr. Bonnie Goldstein, LCSW, Ed.M, Ph.D. is the founder and director of Lifespan Psychological Services in Los Angeles.  She leads a team dedicated helping clients navigate life’s complexities by addressing developmental issues, family systems, trauma, grief and loss counseling for children and adults, and transitions-to-adulthood.  Using a Sensorimotor Psychotherapy approach to working with children, adolescents, and families, she joins Dr. Pat Ogden and the curriculum team at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute in creating and adapting Sensorimotor Psychotherapy treatment modalities and interventions to treat child, adolescent, family and group populations. She is co-editor of Understanding, Diagnosing and Treating Attention Deficit Disorder/Hyperactivity Disorder in Children and Adolescents; The Handbook of Infant, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy; A Guide to Diagnosis and Treatment, Volumes I & II; A Text for Children and Their Families; I Will Know What to Do: A Guide to Dealing with Trauma” 

Laia Jorba, LPC, PhD

Laia Jorba, LPC, PhD (she, her, hers), is a Catalan teacher, counselor, supervisor and mentor, originally from Barcelona and currently residing in Colorado. She holds a master’s degree from Naropa University with specialties in Body Psychotherapy and Dance Movement Therapy. She works with community-based programs and has a private practice. Her clinical interests include working with immigrant clients and marginalized communities, chronic pain, complex trauma and dissociation as well as exploring the embodied experience of migration. She also as a doctorate from the University Autonomous of Barcelona on Political Science, where she studied integration of migrant populations. She has taught at different universities including UAB and Naropa, and lectures nationally and internationally.

Esther Perez, MA, LMFT

Esther Perez, MA, LMFT obtained an M.A in Counseling Psychology and an M.A. in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, CA.  As a bilingual Senior Trainer for the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, Esther currently teaches across Europe.  As a consummate learner-teacher, Esther has committed herself to deeply integrating a number of modalities supported in the emerging research on neuroscience and attachment.  Embodying the spirit of Unity, one of the core foundations of Sensorimotor Psychotherapy®, Esther studies how Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® intersects with EMDR, Internal Family Systems, and Mentalization Based Treatment.  Esther uses her learning to inform her work with adults, adopted children and adolescents with attachment related issues, complex trauma and dissociation in her private practice in Malaga, Spain in addition to consulting with graduates of various levels from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy® trainings.   

Marko Punkanen, PhD

Marko Punkanen, PhD, is a music therapist, dance/movement therapist, and trauma psychotherapist. He currently works as a music/dance-movement/psychotherapist and supervisor in private practice. He is actively involved with trauma psychotherapy, music therapy and dance/movement therapy training in Finland. From 2007-2011, Marko worked as a researcher in Finnish Centre of Excellence in Interdisciplinary Music Research at the University of Jyväskylä. His research team investigated the perception and preferences of emotions in music by depressed patients and the efficacy of improvisational, individual music therapy for depression.

Raymond Rodriguez, LCSW-R, Rev.

Raymond Rodrgiuez, LCSW-R, Rev., is an Afro-Latino Clinical Social Worker with over twenty years of experience in working with community-based programs. He holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Columbia University School of Social Work. His clinical interests include family therapy, working with immigrant client, race-based oppression, LGBTQI empowerment, spirituality, and working with marginalized communities in community-based mental health. He is a trauma specialist assisting clients with complex psychological trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In addition to being in private practice, he is the founder and clinical director of Aldea Counseling Services, a group psychotherapy practice in Harlem, New York, servicing primarily people of color. He has held faculty appointment with Hostos Community College of the City University of New York, Columbia University School of Social Work and Smith College School of Social Work. He is currently on faculty at the Trauma Studies Center of the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy and the Integrative Trauma Certificate Program of the National Institute for the Psychotherapies. He formerly served on the Boards of the National Association of Puertorrican and Hispanic Social Workers and the No More Fear Foundation. He lives in the Bronx with his partner and son.

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